The second day of the 2014 Flag Football World Championship was over today. Tomorrow the playoffs, weather permitting, are scheduled to begin and will start from the final quarters. But let's focus on the matches that stirred up the beautiful Tuscan late morning and afternoon with magnificent plays and thrilling games. Once the rain stopped, in fact, the teams could come back onto the field and earn their access to the next stage.

An infinite and emotional afternoon at the Flag Football World Championship that Grosseto are hosting. Before the 6pm, a sudden storm hit the field and resulted the suspension of games in progress. The games restart only at 9pm, because in the meantime it was necessary to move from “Principina” to “Cittadella dello studente”, that is provided lighting.

Streaming schedule 11 september

>>> Posted by Admin - 11/09/2014

17 games live-streaming today. Streaming shedule is under possible variations due to weather conditions. We apologize any inconvenience.